Detroit Prom

The pinnacle in any High-Schooler's social affairs is likely going to be prom, and, to a bit of a lesser degree, Homecoming dances. Keep your teen and their friends safe on their momentous evening and let our professional chauffeurs get them there and back home again in comfort, style, safety, and fun. An added benefit is that your teen will get to be seen showing up in one of our ultimately stylish vehicles!

We have strict policies regarding drugs and alcohol - absolutely zero tolerance for minors. Parents, we also only accept itinerary from you as the contract holder. You'll have no worries about the kids trying to change the nights plans without you're knowing about! If you want them taken directly to the dance and maybe to a specific restaurant afterwards and home no later than 11pm, that's exactly what you can expect to happen. Any changes would have to come directly from you. There's no safer way to transport your kids to and from prom or homecoming! Just give us a call whenever you might be interested in booking the bus for your fantastic group of kids! Our booking agents will be more than happy to explain our policies to you and give you all the information you'll need to get your childs trip set in stone.

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