At Detroit Limo, we strive to extend the most value in pricing to each and every one of our customers. In light of this, it would be impossible to publish our pricing for a number of reasons which are outside of our control. We keep our prices current to ensure the best deals possible.

As mentioned above, we do our best to give you the best price based on outside factors. Our pricing does tend to vary because we fluctuate it to make sure we are always giving you the best deal possible. If you're on a tight budget you will then want to be mindful of the day you are renting: Is it on a high demand day like Friday or Saturday? Is it during a holiday? Is it during a peak season (peak season is typically late spring through early summer)? If the answer is yes, then your price will invariably be higher than on an off-peak day.

Be sure to help us out by letting us know if your event can be flexible either by day or simple by time of day. As both can have an impact on pricing. If we know what flexible options you have we can do a better job in searching for the lowest possible rates. For example if you know you're planning a night out with 15 friends but you're unsure on if you'd like to go out on a Friday or Saturday, we can certainly quote you for both days and let you know the Friday would likely be cheaper, and further let you know the cheapest time of day you could rent. But keep in the mind the more details we have, the more accurate of a price we can quote.

Our friendly, professional booking agents are always happy to hear from you! We'll be glad to give you a quote over the phone or via email. For your convenience, you'll want to note that our customer service team is always available to answer a call or an email. Before you contact us, you'll want to take note of the following. For further pricing inquiries or questions you might have, call or email today! Phone: 313-312-5466 Email:

These are the factors that have the strongest affect on our rates:

Demand. (This is the single element which affects our pricing the most.)
Cost of fuel.
The season in which your rental is to take place.
Other outside costs beyond our ability to control.

We need this information from you in order to provide you an accurate quote:

Date you will require service.
Amount of time you will require service during that day.
How many passengers you wish to accommodate.
How much time you'll need the vehicle for.