Detroit Concerts

Detroit loves music. Concerts and music festivals are always going on whether it's an annual festival like DEMF or if your favorite band is stopping in Detroit during a tour, there is always something musical going on. There's nothing like enjoying live music in Detroit, but one thing we could all do without is the traffic back ups and long waits for parking. That's where we come in! When you drive yourself to a concert you will almost undoubtedly be stuck in a huge traffic back up and spend more time than you'd like searching for parking or waiting in yet another line when you get the parking lot. But when Detroit Limo provides you with luxury transportation you'll spend the entire trip blaring your favorite music and enjoying a few drinks! You wont notice or be bothered by any traffic back ups on the freeway and when you arrive at the venue you'll be dropped off right at the front, no waiting for parking! And during the show, you'll be able to enjoy a few drinks if you wish because you have safe, reliable transportation home!

After the show the benefits keep on coming! Have you ever left a concert early to avoid traffic? That's a bummer, missing the last few songs. Or maybe you always stay until the end and then it takes and hour to get out of the lot, which is also a bummer. But with Detroit Limo you can just go right back to enjoying the evening! Stay until the very end of the show and then step back on board your luxury bus and have your own private concert over the amazing sound system! Dance and party all the way back home! There's no better way to make the concert going experience 100% fun than with Detroit Limo!

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