Detroit Bachelorette Parties

We are the bachelorette party experts here at Detroit Limo! We've had years of servicing these epic girls' nights and our vehicles have all you need to enjoy every minute of the party! Our most popular bachelorette vehicle is our pink party bus with a custom pink exterior and interior. But any of our vehicles are a great choice for bachelorette parties! We've seen all types of bachelorette celebrations from relaxing spa days to crazy nights of drinking and dancing and our vehicles are great for anything!

Our vehicles can accommodate any group from 8 to 40 passengers and each vehicle offers luxurious seating, club-style lighting and more. Set the tone however you want! Play your favorite music or movies and relax while you enjoy a glass of wine our champagne on your way to the spa or a pole dancing class, or dance the night away on our buses with the club-style atmosphere and dance poles.

If you're planning the party for the bride, be sure you know what it is she wants to do so the night will be enjoyable for her. If she's the type of girl that likes relaxing at the spa or isn't into the club scene, it's probably best not to plan a night of dancing! Payment is also an important issue for you to discuss with the party - are you all splitting the cost as a gift to the bride? Keep in mind our contract holder is responsible for payment, so if you're going to be collecting money from each party guest we suggest doing so as soon as possible for your own sake to avoid a guest cancelling at the last minute and leaving the rest of you to cover their share!

If you'd like to know more about our bachelorette party services just give us a call!

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