Lets be honest, a limo bus trip would be pretty boring without some music in the background! A big part of the experience is the ability to plug in your phone or iPod and play whatever you want! You get to set the custom playlist for your trip here at Detroit Limo. We found a great song to put on your playlist for the night. We think it's going to sound great on our high quality sound systems with subwoofers. Take a listen and enjoy!

We know that some of our wonderful customers put a ton of effort in crafting their version of a perfect playlist for their night out on the town in one of our luxury vehicles. Compiling a perfect playlist is no small feat, heck they have made entire movies based on the premise. The biggest tip one can give when attempting this massive task is to remember it's not about picking out the tracks you like the most in the moment. You are trying to build an homage to your guests, you want every person you have chosen to take with you to feel as though this playlist was built specifically for them.

One mistake we see often is when our guests are heading to a concert, all too often people will use this opportunity to make a great hits list for the artist you are on the way to see. While you of course want to include some tracks by that musician to help build up the hype as you make your way to the venue you don't want to spoil the set list you are going to experience shortly. A pro-tip if you are finding yourself at a loss when trying to find some other artists that will fit in with the playlist you are attempting to build, do yourself a favor and look up which artists are credited as influential acts to the musician you are heading to see. Use their foundation of influence to build up to the present. Sprinkle in a few songs that everyone loves, you know the kind that people want to hate but can't help but to get into the groove anytime it comes on.